Emanuel Focarazzo was born in 1967 in Brooklyn New York. He is a descendant of a musical lineage that has lasted generations. His grandfather, Charles Orlando, was a professional piano player whose work included silent films in the early 1900’s. He grew up listening to his mother Vincenza at the piano playing all the great songs from the early 1900’s to post World War 2 Americana. At an early age Manny would sit at the piano and compose songs and melodies of his own. Playing the piano as a child came naturally but he didn’t take any formal lessons until his mid teens. His training lasted into college and he graduated with a music degree from Adelphi University under the guidance of David Bradshaw leading to three performances including his own compositions at Carnegie Hall at the age of 16. More recently Manny has worked with numerous bands in New York and he continues to perform all styles of music in many of New York’s greatest music venues. His first love is composition and a current project is what could become a Broadway Musical – centered around post-war Coney Island. Another project is a progressive rock conceptual work with repetitive yet evocative melodic and lyrical themes. The keyboards are the driving force in this piece and Emanuel prefers to use traditional analog sounds to tell the story. His contribution as keyboardist with the latest incarnation of The Alan Parsons Live Project is, to say the least, extraordinary.